Has Fred Thompson finally decided to fish? We might find out today, according to the Politico.

Fred Thompson’s campaign-in-waiting will hold a 4 p.m. conference call today with supporters to brief them on plans for the former Tennessee senator’s presidential announcement next week, according to an e-mail obtained by Politico.com. Randy Enwright, Thompson’s political director, said in the message that they will “discuss the next steps as we move forward as an organization.” A Thompson aide confirms that they’ll share the news about the long-awaited formal launch.

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Still no official confirmation from the campaign, but Thompson sources now confirm that he will announce his candidacy next Thursday, Sept. 6. The launch will include a tour of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. As expected, Thompson will not appear at the GOP debate in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Sept. 5.


  • http://fayettecountyrepublicanpartyiowa.blogspot.com/ Jim Kirkpatrick

    I see FDT & Romney battling it out for the nomination.


  • Ken H

    Thompson can’t catch Giuliani who already has the “strong national defense” vote wrapped up among Republicans. And that is what is driving the election on the GOP side.

  • Troy La Mana

    If you think Fred has no chance because he starts his campaign when it is historically started then you bought into the crapfest of the media.

    There is more then enough time for Fred to run his campaign his way.

    I would think Fred is going to run a campaign that aims directly at the people like Perot did. Perot would have won the election if he hadn’t pulled out when he did. I think it would be a sound plan this time around.

  • Whodat in Texas

    In the campaign which rivals rigor mortis,
    Can it be at last time for the resurrection?
    What was the hurry to get it rolling?
    Certainly not the ’08 election!

    With a passion reminiscent of paint drying,
    With a fire reminiscent of a candle,
    Out of the gate strolls Fred on 9-6…
    The excitement is just too much to handle!

    O.K., so I’m miffed and disappointed
    That Big Freddie’s arrival is long overdue
    Which left party leadership to liberals – So,
    Better late than never, FT! See what you can do.

    Whodat in Texas

  • JB

    So FDT conveniently manages to time his (possible) announcement until after another debate. Why is he affraid to debate the others?

  • Huck08

    Want to see how excited people are about Fred’s announcement announcement? Check out the comments at Politico:


    I wonder if Fred’s people are reading this…

  • Nate

    So he announced via email that later today he will announce when he will announce if he is interested in running or not.