Senator McCain turns 71 today. That’s newsworthy, of course, because if elected president Mac would be the oldest in history, beating Reagan by 3 years. But more interesting is this snippet from the Arizona Daily Star story:

As McCain hits 71 today, he faces another struggle: In polling, voters are more uneasy electing someone 72 years old — as he will be in on election day in November 2008 — than they are electing a woman, a Mormon, someone who is black or a smoker. McCain would be the oldest person elected president.

Assuming that’s true, why isn’t this getting more attention in the national press? Polling suggest that voters are more comfortable with a Mormon (Romney) than someone who’s 72 on election day? Given the tremendous heat Romney has taken over his religion, that’s quite a statistic.

So what would you give McCain for his birthday? Comment below.