Senator McCain turns 71 today. That’s newsworthy, of course, because if elected president Mac would be the oldest in history, beating Reagan by 3 years. But more interesting is this snippet from the Arizona Daily Star story:

As McCain hits 71 today, he faces another struggle: In polling, voters are more uneasy electing someone 72 years old — as he will be in on election day in November 2008 — than they are electing a woman, a Mormon, someone who is black or a smoker. McCain would be the oldest person elected president.

Assuming that’s true, why isn’t this getting more attention in the national press? Polling suggest that voters are more comfortable with a Mormon (Romney) than someone who’s 72 on election day? Given the tremendous heat Romney has taken over his religion, that’s quite a statistic.

So what would you give McCain for his birthday? Comment below.


  • NewYorkStateConservative

    Jacosta, you keep saying how RP supporters are getting blocked from so many differnet sights, and now you say they were just blocked from they’re second site? Which one is it? Many sights, or just two sites?

    If Ron Paul is so irrelevant, why do you always insist on attacking him? Go ahead an attack him on the issues, but your attacking him because of the actions of his supporters. I admit, many Paul supporters are over fervent, but since when is that a bad thing? Some may be annoying, but so what. It’s better than being apathetic.

    By the way, I’ve seen more Ron Paul bumper-stickers and signs in my area than any other candidate- in fact, I haven’t seen bumper stickers or signs for any other presidential candidate (except for some old “Hillary for Senate” bumper stickers). This is home turf for Hillary and Rudy, and yet Ron Paul has more visible support than either.

  • Troy La Mana

    .. A map to the exit.

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    You trust FOX and CNN…bwhahahahahahaa.

    And what kind of spamming did the site prove?

  • Jacosta

    That’s because that no one cares about Ron Paul! Just recently, took polling out for R.P. because his supporters weren’t playing by the rules and spamming their Website for votes. That’s the 2nd Website that has banned R.P. supporters for being dishonest!

    Again – no wonder why R.P. loves the Internet and feels it’s the best source for factual information. Yeah…right…whatever!

  • Rick

    McCain’s 71? Woo hoo! Geritol for everyone, on the house.

  • David Kaiser

    It’s funny that almost no one mentions that the internet darling candidate, Ron Paul, is two years OLDER than John McCain.

  • Fabs

    I must say, he’s looking good for 71. As far as a gift goes, it’d probably be a nice letter highlighting the joys that come with retirement so he’ll feel better about the free time he’ll be experiencing soon.

  • Jacosta

    Logically – it makes sense for Republicans to elect a younger president than both McCain and Thompson. It’s a fact that presidents age a lot more while in office due to the demands and stress of the job.

    In order for the GOP to retain the White House for two terms, they’ll need to put someone in there who’s younger, energetic, and isn’t going to get any older than they normally would chronologically.

    This is one of the larger reasons why McCain and Thompson won’t be nominated. Thompson, over McCain, is already showing signs of being more slow in speech and physical movement.