Maybe not, but one of Hillary’s “hillraisers”, who has netted over $1 million for her campaign, may not see things as so black and white. As Barry reported, in 1991, Norman Hsu pleaded no contest after raising $1 million for a phony business, and, after to failing to appear in court, he became a fugitive and was sentenced to 3-year prison term. Naturally, in Clinton fashion, Hsu’s lawyer claims his client “doesn’t remember making a deal”, which legally, as his lawyer should know, doesn’t excuse the unserved jail time.

As moral and classy as Hillary is, she would certainly demand all sorts of apologies and changes in donation policy should a similar situation befall a rival, but as it’s her, a Clinton adviser announced that “there has been no question about [Hsu’s] integrity” and, speaking of Clinton integrity, “we have absolutely no reason to call his contributions into question or return them”. Except the donor is a wanted fugitive.