As Jason pointed out last week, Joe Biden has hit the airwaves in Iowa with some impressive ads, looking almost like a legitimate candidate.

And now Joe, who’s campaign has gotten little traction, is trying to find ways to stay on the air in Iowa and find a way to catch the faltering John Edwards and the stagnant Bill Richardson and become the alternative to the big two.

In a spiffy email to supporters, Biden campaign manager Luis Navarro wants you to “Adopt an Ad”, much as you would adopt a kitten or puppy from the pound.

They even given us a price structure:

It’s not everyday that you can make a difference in a presidential election but we’re asking you to do just that today. Here’s what your contribution today will purchase:

* $9 pays for one ad on CNN in Council Bluffs
* $37 pays for one ad on MSNBC in Rock Island
* $100 pays for one ad on “Meet the Press” in Sioux City
* $150 pays for one ad on “Good Morning America” in Davenport
* $300 pays for one ad on “The Late Show with David Letterman” in Des Moines
* $600 pays for one ad during the evening news in Cedar Rapids

An interesting approach to fundraising, but is it me or does it remind you of the very depressing TV ads you’d see on Sunday mornings with Sally Struthers crying and telling you for only 58 cents a day, you can feed a starving family in some third world nation?

I wonder if Sally is available as a spokesperson for the Biden campaign?