Yawn. Fred Thompson still hasn’t declared he’s running for president, but he did suggest, “I think it’s pretty clear the direction I’m headed in.” Yes, and that direction is down. There will be no splash of excitement when he finally makes it official. All that hype might have been useful in June, when his campaign was new, and people didn’t know enough about him to realize no one would support him. Fred’s big surprise for the country will now allegedly have to wait until next month, which, at last check, is not at all close to Independence Day.

Thompson’s got no sizzle left, he hasn’t raised as much as he thought he would, and conservative Republicans have already realized he’s not Ronald Reagan. In short, the great Fred hype is going nowhere faster than anyone this side of John McCain. So by the time Thompson finally does announce that he is running, perhaps he should simply conclude his monumental declaration by officially withdrawing from the race.