Yawn. Fred Thompson still hasn’t declared he’s running for president, but he did suggest, “I think it’s pretty clear the direction I’m headed in.” Yes, and that direction is down. There will be no splash of excitement when he finally makes it official. All that hype might have been useful in June, when his campaign was new, and people didn’t know enough about him to realize no one would support him. Fred’s big surprise for the country will now allegedly have to wait until next month, which, at last check, is not at all close to Independence Day.

Thompson’s got no sizzle left, he hasn’t raised as much as he thought he would, and conservative Republicans have already realized he’s not Ronald Reagan. In short, the great Fred hype is going nowhere faster than anyone this side of John McCain. So by the time Thompson finally does announce that he is running, perhaps he should simply conclude his monumental declaration by officially withdrawing from the race.


  • NewYorkStateConservative

    AndDru1 is right… this is a historic momeent as everyone (with the exception of Fred Head Don Jones) agrees that Thompson is going nowhere and is going there fast.

  • Jacosta

    On FOXNews – Nick Cavuto and Michael Reagan (Ronald Reagan’s son) analyzed Fred Thompson’s senatorial record, speech mannerisms, etc. They both agreed that Fred Thompson is a boring speaker and often gives pessimistic speeches at that.

    I can’t tell you how many speeches I have downloaded in the past several weeks of Thompson – but, after seeing all I’ve seen…he does seem tired, slurred, and a bit monotone / boring. We NEED to make America and Americans become upbeat and positive – due to all the problems we’ve had with Washington and international affairs these past two administrations. Electing a person who is slower of speech and monotone will not cut it!

    Don’t get me wrong…I like Thompson as an actor – but, this ain’t Hollywood, folks!

  • AndDru1

    Nuff said, I can’t remember the last time Jacosta, BJD, Whodat, and I all agreed. It seems Fred has achieved his goal, he’s united the party, too bad it united against him.

    It seems the nomination has come down to Guiliani, Romney, Huckabee, and Ron Paul (even though it’s a longshot).

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    It seems that Fred served his purpose…to be ‘a bookmark’ in the top three GOP candidates in rankings…thus the mainstream doesn’t have to talk about any other candidates.

    Edwards is the same, except he will be a vp.

  • Jacosta

    Already, in the past several weeks, a dozen or so members of his supposed pre-campaign have resigned – and yet just today, another high-ranking member of his team announced her resignation! Ok – so, do we really want to nominate someone who can’t seem to keep his people in the beginning stages…and who’s wife seems to be the cause of some of the mess?

    And then there was the embarrassing amount he raised – it was anticipated that he would raise $5 million for his pre-campaign…but only received a dismal $1 million! He also hasn’t received nearly as many Congressional endoresments as Romney and Giuliani have. Makes you wonder just how much faith his own peers have in him and his candidacy.

    Even Ann Coulter – who loves and adores Fred Thompson – is admitting now that Fred is dead…that although he may peak a bit when/if he announces….that already it’s been too late and the luster has worn off.

    FOXNews and Bill O’Reilly reported today that more Conservatives aren’t waiting any longer and have already been switching from Fred to Romney and Giuliani – even if he announces.

    Fred is tired, boring, and shows signs of slowing down with his age.

  • Whodat in Texas

    Yep, I said, “Better Fred than dead”,
    Sure, once how my enthusiasm did sizzle!
    But, Seems his big bump in the polls and
    Our hearts has passed: Fred the big Fizzle!

    I like men who act like men and who say
    Things like real men say, i.e., “Damn right
    I’m in cause there’s a job to do and I
    Can do it like nobody!” Where is he TODAY?

    Cool and calculating? Or, snivling, just
    Off-stage? Where he, dat “messiah”; Fred?
    Where is he who will lead us to victory?
    Be there doubt and dark in Fred’s head?

    Whodat in Texas

  • Stephen

    if he would enter the race and withdrawal in the same day, he could go into the record books as the shortest official presidential campaign. He could be known for that rather than a lazy do-nothing senator.

  • http://MyManFred.com Don Jones

    Crow is not good with salt. I would recommend Fred sauce.

    What obvious things to rant about. Everyone is saying the same thing. I was always told that if a greyhound does do do before a race that means he has just been fed and cannot run as fast. I mean a hundred people have told me that.

    So remember, If Fred’s schedule does not suit you and a blip in his staff pops up and he wears smart shoes and likes to stay nice instead of grubby and sweaty walking around fairground and his wife is something damned few of us could marry at 60 or so … He does not have a chance, right?

    What chance would poor old Abe Lincoln have these days. I heard Romney went to the zoo in silk shorts.
    Don Jones