The echo is so loud when I knockYou have to hand it to Joe Trippi…Actually, no you don’t; OVER-RATED! But, he is nearly as shameless as his boss, and one of our favorite laughingstocks, John Edwards.

In a “Strategy Memo” (desperate plea for money) emailed Wednesday to campaign supporters, Trippi put a whole lotta spin on some recent remarks by Karl Rove, which (accurately) describe Hillary Clinton as divisive. According to Trippi, far from a simple statement of fact, this was an evil ploy by Rove to cause Dems to rally to Clinton’s defense, thus making her the nominee, and saving the GOP candidate from what would inevitably be the steamrolling of a generation at the hands of the incredible John Edwards, America’s favorite superficial, hypocritical, patronizing trial lawyer.

This is a tactic similar to the one used a few months ago when Edwards commenced his mystifying strategy of running for leader of the free world by fighting with Ann Coulter. Edwards continued his shtick in Iowa last week claiming that his wife’s recent statements were being scrutinized “because she stood up to that she-devil Ann Coulter.” While we can neither confirm nor deny that his description of Ann Coulter is true, the only person this writer has ever heard use the term “she-devil” was much funnier, and was referring to a much more attractive woman.

(Side note: If you need a textbook example of how to ham-handedly encourage and empower your attacker, just review the Edwards’s reaction to Ann Coulter’s barbs over the last few months. Also, see his foreign policy.)

How has this fundraising tactic worked? Not well. As the Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire blog points out, “Edwards, with $23 million in total contributions, trails both Clinton ($63 million) and Sen. Barack Obama ($58.9 million) in both fundraising and presidential preference polls.”

So, as you can imagine, we’re wiping the sweat from our brows at the knowledge that we won’t have to run against this second-rate hack in ’08.