This morning Jason discussed the latest 2008 Power Rankings and took a shot at Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Edwards. Come on people, it was 6:40 in the morning, enough with the hate mail!


  • nate

    Nice interview!

    Quote of the day

    “Ultimately it comes down to who’s going to be the better leader. . . . I can’t think of anyone who’s proven that better over the past few years than Mitt Romney.”

    -Rudy G. in 2002

  • JustAnotherFredHead

    Write it down people. Fred is going to win the nomination and beat Hillary in the general election. There is so much dissatisfaction with Rudy and Romney and all Fred has to do is avoid major mistakes. Who cares if he doesn’t connect one on one with voters? He’s going to do OK in the debates, raise plenty of money, and the media will eat him up. He’s your next president, get used to it.

  • PSU2007

    Fred has been HORRIBLE in his stump speeches. Ask anyone who’s heard him. I agree completely that his best bet might be slick TV ads to win the nomination, then in the general election retail politics isn’t nearly as important.

  • Troy La Mana

    Fred Thompson is not hiding from debates. Fred has not announced and thus can not participate in any debate.

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    Fred isn’t doing well on the floor because he is just a good actor, not a natural leader. That is also why he hides from debates. Without a script, he’s no Reagan.

    Anyway, nice job PD. That piece was one of the more entertaining ones on TV.