Mitt Romney’s campaign, having won the Ames poll and feeling strong in Iowa, are now turning the heavy artillery on New Hampshire in the form of radio ads blasting the “sanctuary” city policies of New York, Newark and San Francisco.

While the ad does not mention his main rival, Rudy Giuliani, by name, it is an obvious attack on the former New York mayor.

The ads come on the heels of Romney and Giuliani exchanging sound bytes over the “sanctuary city” issue last week.

This Giuliani/Romney battle, combined with the recent Clinton/Obama dust-ups are indicative of a race that appears to be consolidating faster than in past races. The first tier horses are starting to jostle with each other, rather than the lower tier horses, making it appear as if they don’t consider the lower tier as challengers in the race.


  • Troy La Mana

    Yes, I saw the hit piece done by the networks. Did they show the entire speech? No. They picked just the parts that aligned with their story. I look at it as the media running scared.

    The part about when the vet asked if he was going to run? It’s the same answer any pre-candidate gives before the announcement. If you saw the answer it was basically, “Yes, I’m running but haven’t said so yet.”

    Even the stumble they showed wasn’t much of a stumble. No, I am not deterred but I think a lot of people are running scared.

  • Nate

    Getting back on topic, Romney probably saw the recent slayings by an illegal immigrant and decided timing is good to go after sanctuary cities.

    Timing is everything.

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    Aside from winning another New Hampshire straw poll, Ron Paul won the Alabama and Washington straw polls…all last week…all by landslides.

    I wonder if he will win the Texas straw poll, coming up on August 31, too.

    go check him out:

    For issue by issue:

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    “i’m just astounded by these Ron Paul people… they can’t REALLY think that those online polls are indicative of actual support.”

    Yes and No.

    When you look at *all* the straw polls, Ron Paul is doing quite well. Also, he gets the most donations from military personnel (that should tell you something.

    But I am pretty hard on Ron Paul supporters who infer that they just need a strong internet/street presence. I am constantly reminding them of the reality of election campaigns…that Ron Paul needs alot more money.

    The movement that swept up Ron Paul was an activist one…but I’ve (and I’m only one person) been trying to change that activist mindset into a winning mindset.

    Ron Paul didn’t want folks suing the GOP about their voting machines…and he has held the movement back from other activist-like actions.

    Like a wild bronco, Ron Paul supporters are strong emotionally and physically. But to get the most out of us, Ron Paul is actually having to break us (in some minor ways). He is trying to focus our revolution into Ron Paul’s Revolution…and we all see that is a good thing.

  • Jacosta

    Sorry – “golf” cart….not “gold” cart. Though, I think anyone would be happy with the latter! LOL :)

  • Jacosta

    Hey Dominick and Troy ~

    Sorry to rain on your parade…seems as though that the video going around on CNN, FOXNews, NBC, and ABC World News is not as flattering to Fred Thompson as the both of you are.

    Thompson is seen flubbing his lines, stuttering, not noticing where his cued applause lines are….and he only receiced 7 clapping ovations compared to 18 for Obama!

    One attendee that was interviewed afterwards was not very complimentary towards Thompson stating, “Everybody knows he’s an actor, and most of our actors should be able to get in front of a camera and speak to a crowd.”

    Before the conference began, he was also seen stuttering and stammering after being asked by one veteran when or if he was going to run. Semed as though that that vet was also less than pleased as well.

    The report goes on to say that he struggled many times delivering his speech.

    In the past two months alone, nearly EVERY report shows Thompson as tired, unprepared, stuttering, and flubbing his lines. He was the only presidential candidate who used a gold cart to get around while visiting Iowans last week…showing that his age is becoming a factor as well – not a good sign for an energetic, take-charge president, or candidate.

    If the GOP wants a candidate to get better applause than Obama and Billary – we’d better nominate someone other than a tired, stuttering, flubbing, ex-actor like Thompson!

    If he can’t impress the VFW…?

  • Dominick08

    Fred Thompson spoke at the VFW convention. He did well, recieved a warm reception. He tried out what looks to be his message after he announces he’s in, which I think will be on Labor Day or the following day.

    Fred’s message looks to be a combination folksy, Southern Fred Thompson/the seasoned DA Fred Thompson he plays on Law & Order/Ronald Reagan Rupublican/Ross Perot independent.

    Should be interesting.

    Barack Obama also spoke to the vets. He recieved a warm welcome as well. Many vets seem to like his Pakistan position.

    Meanwhile no Rudy or Mitt. Guess there are far more important things for them to do than address the nations war fighting veterans.

  • Troy La Mana

    As Michigan considers whether to move its primaries up to January 15, 2008, and join other early action states, Fred Thompson finished first in polls in Michigan and South Carolina, and tied for second in Nevada.

    EPIC/MRA (8/13/07) Thompson – 22 Giuliani – 19 McCain – 16 Romney – 12

    South Carolina: Public Policy Polling (8/13/07) Thompson – 22 Giuliani – 18 McCain – 11 Romney – 17

    Nevada: Research2000 (8/16/07) Thompson – 18 Giuliani – 18 McCain – 8 Romney – 28

  • Toby

    i’m just astounded by these Ron Paul people… they can’t REALLY think that those online polls are indicative of actual support. Their continued posting of these obviously skewed results will only make the entire movement Paul managed to create this cycle look more foolish and less credible…

    do Ron Paul supporters do ANYTHING to actually help Ron Paul?

  • Dominick08

    Meanwhile Rudy and Mitt snub America’s foreign war-fighting Veterans…

    Yesterday at the Veterans of Foreign Wars(VFW) Convention in Kansas City, MO., America’s foreign war fighters from WWII to today’s Iraq War, heard speeches and comments from GOP candidate John McCain, and Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

    Today it’s Demo candidate Barack Obama and almost announced GOPer Fred Thompson. Tomorrow President Bush gives an address.

    Meanwhile, Rudy and Mitt Romney, who both were invited, declined the invitation to speak to the veterans at the annual convention.

    Taking a flyer on speaking to America’s largest group of foreign war fighters, many of them who have sons and daughters currently fighting in Iraq, is not only disrespectful, but also bad politics for the two GOP front runners.

    Perhaps they have written off the veteran’s vote th McCain. So what if that is true. To not address the VFW in a time in which the country is at war, when all the other candidates who were invited are doing so, is a major black mark on both Rudy and Mitt.

    This is especially true since neither of them–or their sons–served in the U.S. Military. Also since neither of them has any previous military or foreign policy experience you would think they would jump at the chance to not just talk the talk but walk the walk a bit by celebrating America’s veterans of foreign wars at their annual gathering.

    I guess not.

    Their absence isn’t going unoticed by the vets at the convention.

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    So you vote based on how others will think of you?

  • JohnnyRepublican

    man are you going to feel like a tool when RP loses drops out by October

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    Ten Reasons Why Ron Paul Can’t Win (exerpt)
    by Thomas R. Eddlem
    10. Ron Paul is too popular among people who know where he stands.

    9. He’s got too much money, and nowhere to spend it.

    8. Ron Paul is cheating by harnessing the fervor of an army of volunteers.

    7. Ron Paul tells the truth.

    6. He’s for lower spending AND lower taxes.

    5. Ron Paul is a man of principle.

    4. Ron Paul has peaked.

    3. He’s been against the Iraq war from the start.

    2. Ron Paul’s a medical doctor, OB/GYN, and a graduate of Duke Medical School.

    1. George Stephanopoulos says Ron Paul can’t win.

    The whole article (it’s funny) is at

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    Um…they mention New Hampshire, but fail to mention that Ron Paul has won two New Hampshire straw polls by land slides…one of which was a couple days ago.
    August 18, 2007 04:08 PM

    Ron takes the Strafford County, NH, GOP straw poll today by another landslide:

    Out of 286 votes cast:

    Ron – 208 (73%)
    Romney – 26
    Huckabee – 20
    Tancredo – 8
    McCain – 7
    Cox – 5
    Hunter – 5
    Fred Thompson – 3
    Giuliani – 3
    Brownback – 1

  • Troy La Mana

    I say let them fight each other, when Thompson enters the race it will be a clean jump to number one.