Ron Paul’s war chest (or battle chest, compared to Mitt Romney) may not amount to much, but despite limited funds, Paul has been performing well. After a 5th place finish last week in the Iowa straw poll, where he drew 9.1% of votes, he vaulted into 3rd place in yesterday’s Illinois straw poll, garnering 18.9% of the votes, finishing only behind Romney’s spending machine (40.4%) and Fred Thompson (20.0%).

It seems Ron Paul’s heavy internet presence is finally translating into substantial real world support. The Congressman now has his sights set on his home state of Texas, where he enjoys extensive name recognition. Texas will hold its straw poll on Sept 1st, and if Paul can continue his recent upswing in popularity with an impressive showing there, the frontrunners may be forced to start paying attention to the dark horse.


  • JWilliams Truth

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    Only 550 eh? Ya didn’t do well in statistics didja.

    BTW: You do know you are backing people that paid to get votes…paid to get media support…people who absolutely don’t deserve to lead.

  • Ken H

    Fred Thompson is a flash in the pan and is no real threat to Giuliani’s winning the GOP nomination and then losing to Hillary Clinton in November 2008.

  • JohnnyRepublican

    haha you kids, less than 550 ppl voted for those TWO polls combined, the reason it isnt getting attention is b/c no one cares…..Real people know Ron Paul is a fluke, just wait till the next debate and fred thompson joins in, I honestly hope him and romney tare RP a new one!

    Romney/Thompson ’08 or Thompson/Romney ’08!

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    You hate it when I say “pwnd” don’t you.

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    Ron Paul also pwnd *another* New Hampshire straw poll today.

    Dr. Paul received 208 votes (73%) for a landslide victory against Mitt Romney today at the Strattford County, New Hampshire straw poll. Romney received 26 votes. Mike Huckabee came in third with 20 votes.

    Tancredo (8 votes), McCain (7 votes), Cox (5 votes), Hunter (5 votes), Thompson (5 votes), Giuliani (3 votes) and Brownback (1 vote) finished the field.

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    Ron Paul Wins By Landslide in Alabama Straw Poll

    Tom Tancredo – 0 (0%)
    Sam Brownback – 2 (.75%)
    John McCain – 2 (.75%)
    Mike Huckabee – 6 (2%)
    Rudy Giuliani – 7 (3%)
    Fred Dalton Thompson – 9 (3%)
    Duncan Hunter – 10 (4%)
    Mitt Romney – 14 (5%)
    Ron Paul – 216 (81%)

    81%! Booya!

    I wonder if this will get any press?

  • Phil

    Jacosta, you keep making that claim and not backing it up. People don’t believe that there are that many organized supporters willing to visit all these online polls, but even those which have taken significant anti-spamming measures have RP winning.

    This doesn’t mean dishonesty, just an organized, devoted online presence (which I am not claiming means he’s got a majority of the actual support in the populace). This has translated into large numbers of actual people at events like the straw polls; people who can’t vote because they don’t live in state, but who are rabid enough supporters to show up anyhow.

    There’s just as much “proof” that the Ames poll was rigged in Romney’s favor. I don’t believe that either, but the massive delay, the recount by a partial party, and the use of equipment decertified elsewhere doesn’t add up to look good. I’m quite certain that Romney’s campaign didn’t cheat there, but just managed to get people to turn out.

    Why is it so hard to believe that the many, many highly visited Ron Paul blogs that put up a link every time a poll is found translate into lots of -real- votes? The real question, IMO, is why other campaigns aren’t mobilizing online to the same degree. Looking at total votes cast, any spamming would be very inefficient, and easy to counter from another campaign. (Why wouldn’t Tancredo supporters be doing the same?)

  • Ken H

    Ron Paul won’t win in 2008 because these United States are far, far away from being ready for a rebirth of liberty.

  • Jacosta

    Hey Ethan…you may wanna do some more research on that Illinois Poll. Romney spent near to nothing…and yet, he still won the poll by a huge percentage! Yet, you claim – as most are trying to spin – that he “bought” the poll in Illinois.

    And as far as online polls –,,,,, and – ALL of them have been very tired of R.P. supporters spamming nearly every Website for votes – and have written editorials about how dishonest R.P. supporters have been! has gone far enough to ban R.P. supporters and any polling on their Website for him.

    So, you CAN NOT claim Website polls show anything positive for R.P. when it’s been widely known as fact that his supporters are being dishonest.

    Oh – and another thing…nearly every editorial coming out of the Ames Straw Polls discovered that many of the R.P. supporters in Iowa were in fact bussed in from OTHER states to make it appear that he had more support there! Again…no legitimacy!

    If you can’t play right…no one will take you seriously! That’s another reason why R.P. will not win.

  • michael

    Ron Paul is the ONLY patriot running for President.

    If he loses, so do we.

  • AndDru1

    I like Ron OK, but he’s no patriot. In the Power Rankings I’d put him in front of McCain but no higher. He’s not gonna be our next president.

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    One would think Ron Paul would do well in his own state…and Ron Paul has actually spent some money for the Texas straw poll.

    Here’s how Ron Paul has done in straw polls so far this year…

    Online polls, First (99% of time)
    Arizona, N/A
    Nevada, ?
    Oklahoma, ?
    Ohio, ?
    Wisconson, ?
    Michigan, Eleventh
    California, Fourth
    Georgia, Second
    Missouri, Second
    New Hampshire, First
    South Carolina, Second
    Iowa, Fifth
    North Carolina, First (did that get on TV, nope)
    Illinois, Third

    There may be more, but these lil’ straw polls are hard to find.

    Alabama’s is August 18th. Texas’ is August 31. Florida’s is in October.