Harry Reid recalls his prom.Turns out the answer to that question is Hillary Clinton, in a landslide. With 35 Lobbyists endorsing her thus far, Senator Clinton is far and away the most popular candidate for K Street. In fact, it’s more endorsements than any 3 of the 4 Republicans running combined have received.

This list goes like this:

Clinton – 35
McCain – 13
Romney – 12
Obama – 11
Giuliani – 9
Fred Thompson – 8
Joe Biden – 6
Chris Dodd – 3
Bill Richardson – 2

So it would seem the “special interests” have their claws pretty deep into the Democrats.

The link has the names and employers of those offering endorsements.


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  • Jacosta

    Gee – wasn’t it just last week while durung the Democratic debate in Chicago that Obama stated that he wasn’t receiving “any” money from lobbyists?

    Guess Obama’s a flip-flopper!

  • AndDru1

    Nothing we didn’t already know. But still a good post.

  • Troy La Mana

    This should suprise nobody.