In a contest which pitted Mitt against, well, no one really, Romney spent loads of money and managed to pay enough to secure a win in the Iowa straw poll. Yes, the same straw poll which the other frontrunners deemed irrelevant long ago.

Hurrah!” scream Mitt and his patriotic sons, after winning a plurality amounting to less than 1/3 of the votes cast. Second tier candidates Mike Huckabee, Sam Brownback, Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul and Tommy Thompson combined to receive more than twice the votes of Romney, and likely spent less money to do so. And, of course, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Fred Thompson haven’t exactly pulled out of the race just yet.

So where does that leave Mr. Romney? Well, with possibly a few extra votes in Iowa when it matters, and with a few million less in the bank. For a savvy businessman, perhaps not the best way to go. It reminds one of that ancient proverb: The horse that runs its fastest before the race begins, by the end finds itself looking like a behind, as it looks at behinds from behind.


  • DhaMan

    Nothing here on the Texas Straw Poll??? Ron Paul finished second if your thow out unannounced candidate Fred Thompson’s second place finish.

    CNN doesn’t mention his third place win but mentioned third place winner in Iowa?

    Speaking of which, what did Brownback’s Iowa straw poll showing (which got ignored ecause of Huckabee) get him?

    Why is Duncan Hunter still in?

  • Ron Paul Supporter

    Ron Paul won big in Iowa. Talk about low cost per vote. Paul may have come in 5th, but compare him to any of the candidates that “beat” him, Huckabee included, and you see how little he spent in both time and money in order to get his percentage (9.1%).

  • Troy La Mana

    Who hires you is not the same as these are the issues I support. When you hear it from the horses mouth is when I believe it. Has Fred ever said something as his true belief only to come out a couple of years later and say exactly the opposite? Do you know who has? That’s all the answer I need.

  • Jacosta

    Romney is also up in a latest South Carolina poll by 5 points…only trailing Giuliani by one point now. Seems as though Romney was smart!

    A lot of South Carolina respndants also stated that they are losing faith in Fred Thompson now that they are seeing his actual record and views on abortion, his aide to Haitian dictator Aristide, and his involvement with Watergate and Nixon. His support of McCain-Feingold, and the McCain-Kennedy “Amnesty” bill is going to hurt F. Thompson as well. And he’s a “Conservative”?

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    Hey, Ron Paul supporters. Money talks, YouTube walks.


  • AndDru1

    Fred’s not even in the race yet (even though he said he would be, McCain overspent so he couldn’t afford to participate, and Guiliani was scared he’d lose (which he would have). Quit settling for the 3 stooges and give Romney and Huckabee a chance.

  • Nate

    Have you even seen the latest national polls? It was money well spent.

  • Troy La Mana

    Which was my point after the Ames poll. Buying a win isn’t a win afterall.