With one Thompson (T) out the door and another Thompson (F) not due to join the race until Labor day, I thought this would be a good time to take a look at who may be the next one voted off the island on “Presidential Survivor”.

Duncan Hunter – Very little money, has not made much noise in the debates and at the Ames Straw Poll only finished ahead of John Cox, who no one knows is running, and John McCain, who everyone knows should no longer be running. He may play things out until the next GOP debate in early September, but I see him done before the Thanksgiving turkey.

Chris Dodd/Joe Biden – One of these two will go sooner rather than later. I think Biden has gotten frustrated with his lack of traction in the race and will go first.

Sam Brownback – Finished third at Ames, but behind Mike Huckabee, who he outspent like a drunken sailor at port for the first time in months. If Huckabee can get some momentum from his strong Ames finish, I think it will translate into Brownback being finished.

Mike Gravel – It would be a darn shame for him to be out before we can see him at a couple more debates. I know it would severely diminish the entertainment value for the Democratic debates for me and Jason.