The math isn’t that tough. Romney won the Ames straw poll, as expected, and has every right to bask in his healthy margin of victory. But the mojo winner, by a mile, is Mike Huckabee. Will his good weekend in Ames translate into checks between now and the end of the 3rd quarter?


• Third-place finisher Sam Brownback says he spent about $325,000 to win his 2,192 votes. That’s $148.27 for each vote.
• Second-place finisher Mike Huckabee spent about $150,000 and received 2,587 votes. That’s $57.98 per vote.
• Winner Mitt Romney has not said how much he spent. The reporting in this Washington Post article suggests at least $2 million and possibly more than twice that much. Assuming $2 million for 4,516 votes, that’s $442.87 per vote. But it could top $1,000.