The news from the Iowa straw poll is that, as expected Mitt Romney came out victorious. From the Ames Tribune:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won an easy and expected victory in a high-profile Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll on Saturday, claiming nearly twice as many votes as his nearest rival.

Romney had been expected to win the test because he spent millions of dollars and months of effort on an event that was skipped by two of his major rivals.

Romney scored 4,416 votes to outpace former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee who had 2,587 votes. Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback was third with 2,192 votes.

Announcement of the results were delayed for 90 minutes because a hand count was required on one of the 18 machines.

As of late Saturday night, Huckabee has not requested a re-count.


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  • AndDru1

    That would be ok with me Robin, though I don’t particuly like Guiliani. I would rather have Fred or Romney, at least they’ll pander to me to get my vote.

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    The Ames Straw Poll online poll had Ron Paul leading with 63% of the vote. Heck, Ron Paul has won nearly all online polls by landslides.

    It is a fact that Ron Paul supporters stormed the Iowa State Center.

    Ron Paul had to pull us off the exit poll movement, the lawsuit against the voting machines, and other things. We all know Ron Paul is fighting a corrupt system…why won’t he use his only real political power…vast numbers of people willing to do what is necessary.

    To Ron Paul and his supporters: Remember Rachel Corrie, remember Ross Perot…we cannot just sit back and let them run over us…because they will.

    Pull the trigger.

  • Robin

    I think we are looking at a Giuliani/Huckabee ticket!

  • NewYorkStateConservative

    Just a quick correction from my previous post- Paul actually spent a total of 17 days in Iowa. That’s still far less than other candidates- Romney spent 89 days, Huckabee spent 70 days, and Brownback spent 115 days.

  • Ken H

    Hey, Jacosta, as a Ron Paul supporter I have never entertained any illusions that he will be the next president of these United States. But neither will Romney.

  • NewYorkStateConservative

    Huckabee spent only about $58 per vote. Brownback spent over $100 per vote. Romney spent 2 million on adds alone. So he probably spent upwards of $500 per vote.

    I don’t think the turnout was what Romney had hoped, but he, along with Huckabee, certainly came away a winner.

    As far as Ron Paul, he didn’t really do so bad. Remember the “pre-straw-poll poll” that predictied Paul would only get about 2 percent of the vote? If I remember correctly, Tancredo was predicted to get 14 percent, which is about where he was. Considering that this was only Paul’s third trip to Iawoa (and he never stayed for more than a one or two days) and also that he spent next to no money, 9 percent is pretty respectable.

  • Phil

    the last paragraph should read “doesn’t match his”

  • Phil

    This is, in my opinion, bad news for, in order, Diebold, the GOP, Giuliani, Brownback, and Romney.

    Diebold – there were rumbles, and even an attempt at an injunction, before the poll, but now there’s been a machine issue. The hour and a half delay is bad PR, but more importantly, may make the state revisit its plan to use the machines. It doesn’t help that conspiracy theorists are starting to point to the auditor being part of Romneys campaign. (Note: I do not believe that there was any foul play. I expect to hear more made of it though.)

    The overall turnout was low – 10k fewer than in 2000. This means that either there was rampant cheating before, or that people are just disgusted with the party, and I’m betting its the latter.

    Giuliani, doing nothing, pulled less than Fred Thompson. He did well in comparison to McCain, though.

    Brownback, because his message is so similar to Huckabee’s, but he’s trailing.

    Romney, because he bought 10k tickets, and could only motivate 4.5k to come out and vote for him. I bet he has more people who nominally support him, but this cycle, getting people into the booths is going to be key. Dissatisfaction with the GOP is high, and Romney’s been gearing his message to the GOP core – if he gets the nomination, I don’t see him stealing many traditional Democratic votes. Additionally, because if you consider the similar Huckabee-Brownback supporters together, they brought in a marginally larger vote.

    This is less bad for Paul than Jacosta & JohnnyRepublican are playing it, though I wouldn’t classify it as good news. On the positive side, he purchased only 500 tickets (grassroots supporters purchased an additional 650), but got 1305 votes. This means he had supporters either coming from other camps or buying their own. His 2% in traditional polls doesn’t his 9% here, which means that either he’s got a small but very motivated following, or his followers are being missed by those polls. The worst news for him, in my opinion, is that he came in behind Tancredo, which means that a rational foreign policy (a cornerstone of his support so far) isn’t necessarily that important to voters, and the Huckabee-Brownback message is outplaying his to a large degree.

  • Troy La Mana

    How can Mitt backers say this means anything? The other two announced top tier canidates didn’t even participate and Romney spent millions and months for four thousand votes. Even if he only spent two million that’s 453 dollars per vote. Not a sound economic decision.

    I’d say Fred did the best of all the horses by spending nothing and getting more votes then McCain or Giuliani.

    This is like the liberals saying we have to pull out now after the status briefing saying 50% of our goals have been satisfied to this point.

    I know you will shout to the heavens how Romney had twice as many votes as the second place finisher but really.. if a canidate spends that much money for a straw poll I would think twice about voting for them.

  • TL

    Huge win for Huckabee!

    Anyone thinking Huckabee for VP?

  • Huck08

    I can’t wait to see what Huckabee spent per vote versus what Mitt Romney spent. I bet it’s three or four times as much. This is a BIG win for Huckabee. Not only did he come in second on VERY limited resources compared to Romney, but he beat Brownback who ALSO outspent him. Spin it however you like, this was a good day for Huck.

    And Jacosta, might I suggest you need a slice or two of humble pie? Your posts are too mean spirited. Come on already, we know you support Romney, anyone who follows this site knows that, but do you have to be so damn condescending all the time? I bet your man Mitt wouldn’t approve.

  • Jacosta

    Hey all you Ron Paul supporters…..your crow is cooked and ready for you to eat!

    I just found out on CNN that Romney won the Ames Poll with the widest marjin in its history!

    Now – here come all the naysayers…”Romney bought the vote”…..”Romney paid people off”…..”this vote doesn’t really matter”……

    Thankfully – the facts are that NO money was paid TO anyone! For $35, do you think people in the furthest reaches of Iowa want to wake up at 7am, get on a bus or drive for a few hours, stand around in the heat all day or on your feet, and all you get is a yellow t-shirt and some food….knowing that you wouldn’t be home until later that evening? Doesn’t sound like a good pay off to me….until you factor the truth….

    That people ARE truly comMITTed to Romney!

    Ron Paul and Sam Brownback – the truth hurts, doesn’t it!

  • Ken N.

    Romney………..but it will not be by the good Senator from New York! Look a bit farther west…………say from the land of Lincoln!

    Or will it be that Hillary and Barack have a really bad case of “Hoof-In-Mouth” that the front runner from the Grand Old Party will have a fighting chance because the American people will wake up to the face that the Democrats really do not have a better plan……just a different one.

  • Ken H

    Who will be the GOP sacrificial lamb to be walloped by Senator Clinton in November 2008 – Giuliani, Romney, or Thompson?

    I think it will be Giuliani.

  • JohnnyRepublican

    IN YOUR FACE RON PAUL SUPPORTERS. SO MUCH HYPE, but you placed even behind no name Tancredo that threatened to blow up muslem mosques…..

    I only pray the drop outs begin now, that way we can have only a handful (I mean 5 under) of candidates by the next debate so we can see the fights begin!