Another card is about to fall into place in the complicated race-within-the-race that is the schedule for the caucuses and primaries with South Carolina Republicans scheduling their primary earlier than Florida’s January 29th date to preserve its “first in the South” status among the contests.

In a May post, I closed with the fact that South Carolina was the wild card in the scheduling of the caucuses and primaries, and now, in fact, it has potentially made things very messy.

This announcement sets of a chain reaction of events that could potentially lead to a Christmas or even mid-December start of the 2008 election season in 2007!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,
the candidates are off stumping, shaking everyone’s hand.

Do you think we can get the various Christmas Show icons to endorse candidates? Rudolph for Rudy? Frosty for Fred? You know the Charlie Brown gang would make a great team of voter turnout volunteers.

But all of this silliness may be averted, as Roger Simon of The Politico reports, if New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner breaks from tradition and schedules the state’s traditionally first primary on a day other than a Tuesday.

I have a feeling that this mess is still not done playing itself out.