Of making many books there is no end. Apparently Rasmussen is updating the well known proverb. Much polling wearies the body, and of excessive polling there is no end. The only problem here is that all political polls are eventually followed by an election with a defined result. Even Al Gore agrees with that! But Rasmussen came out yesterday with a piece entitled “Why Each Leading GOP Candidate Will Not Win the Party Nomination.” The synopsis:

America’s Mayor can’t win the nomination because his views on social and cultural issues step with a more conservative political party. It is easy to envision Thompson tanking once he formally enters the race and is forced to endure the grind of debates and other routine challenges. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney looks good on camera, on his resume, and in his bank account. But, he has failed to gain traction with GOP voters nationally. Within his own party, McCain is viewed favorably 54% and unfavorably by 40%. It is difficult to comprehend how anyone could win their party nomination with such high unfavorables among the party faithful.

Either Rasmussen has spent too much time answering their own polling questions, or they’re just trying to come up with something silly enough that we’ll all pay attention. By the way, from their website:

Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson [are] tied for the lead in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Both men draw 25% support from Likely Republican Primary Voters.

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