As the pundits have been weighing in on the GOP debate from this past weekend, Mitt Romney seems to be getting the nod over his rivals.

Romney had one of the most memorable lines of the night, in which he stated that Democratic candidate Barack Obama has “gone from Jane Fonda to Dr. Strangelove in one week,” which is in reference to a couple of Obama statements regarding foreign policy.

Romney also received good news in the form of a poll that gives him a huge lead in the upcoming Ames Straw Poll. (A poll for a poll, is this getting out of hand or what?!?)

Others being reviewed as having a good debate are Rudy Giuliani and Tom Tancredo. Tancredo, interestingly, could also receive a huge boot from the upcoming Ames Poll, because they same poll that had Romney winning, had Tancredo second.

With McCain and Giuliani declaring themselves out of Ames, it remains to be seen how much of a role it will play in Iowa. The Romney strategy has them blowing out of the gates early and building momentum by winning Iowa and New Hampshire, and a strong performance in Ames would be a natural kick-off point for that surge.

If nothing else, Ames could spell the end of the road for Tommy Thompson, who appeared rather lost on the debate. Would his dropping out end the dream ticket of Fred Thompson and Tommy Thompson? Who wouldn’t love to see those two on stage with Thompson Twins hit “Hold me Now” blaring over the sound system?