Fred Thompson announced disappointing fundraising numbers this week. Apparently the notion of releasing sub par statements is catching on with Team Thompson.

“Bob Dole says his preferred presidential candidate, Arizona Senator John McCain, is fading and that his support is likely to be “picked up” by Fred Thompson, who is expected to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination in September.” Read the rest.

Howard Baker continues the Thompson praises.

Howard H. Baker Jr. and Fred Dalton Thompson are linked forever in American political history. That’s largely because Baker, a U.S. senator and national political figure, plucked the 30-year-old Thompson out of his relatively obscure life as a Nashville lawyer in 1973 and placed him on the national stage as top Republican attorney for the Senate Watergate Committee.

Baker said he would feel vindication in his confidence in Thompson if he were to win, but added that it’s too early to say who will win the nomination because so many factors remain unknown. He said he’s pleased with the momentum and interest in a Thompson candidacy. Read the rest.

Dole and Baker. Yeah, that will convert the masses.