Republicans in California are working hard to win the 2008 election a year early. A ballot proposal is in the works that, if passed, would split the largest of the electoral vote prizes.

Republicans are pushing to put the Presidential Election Reform Act to California voters. If PERA qualifies for a ballot, and subsequently gets passed, the state’s electoral votes would be split (a la Maine and Nebraska), so rather than the familiar winner-take-all scenario, one vote would be awarded to the winner of each of the state’s 53 Congressional districts. In a very blue state, this change would, in effect, pull approximately 20 electoral college votes from the Democratic candidate, and may very well ensure that a Republican will win the 2008 presidency.

Republicans claim that such a change would force candidates to campaign in the nation’s most populous state, while Democrats feel this would rig the election before it begins. Obviously, Republicans will push hard to get it on the ballot, and Democrats will fight to keep it off. Though it may not be likely to be approved, PERA could very well cost precious Democratic resources, but Democrats are certainly willing go to des-PERA-te measures to ensure that this proposal does not pass.