Some Republican presidential candidates, in the wake of last week’s CNN/YouTube Democratic debate, have indicated that they might not attend the Republican version that is scheduled for Sept 17th. As the date falls near the end of the 3rd quarter, a heavy fundraising time, the Romney and Giuliani campaigns have given hints that they might be too busy gathering cash to show up. To meet these concerns, CNN, for its part, is working with the campaigns to try and find a more amenable time to hold the debate.

That may not help, though, as fundraising crunch time may just be an excuse, and some candidates, namely Mitt Romney, may be uncomfortable with the debate’s unique format. Perhaps scared at what may be asked of him, Romney referenced a question from the Democratic debate when he scoffed that it would be unfitting a presidential candidate to “answer questions from a snowman.” Romney apparently feels he is above answering important questions if he doesn’t like from where or whom a question originates. This might help Romney get along well with Joe Biden (who, in poor attempts at humor, insulted three debate questioners), but such lame, evasive excuses are not likely to fly with voters.

Romney’s spokesman added that “a lot of Americans would wonder whether we should be answering questions from a cartoon.” Perhaps, but many more Americans would wonder, and rightly so, why Romney wouldn’t just answer the questions.