Richardson is the fat guy, not the REALLY fat guy.Terrorists, according to Governor and Presidential candidate Bill Richardson, look at the United States and, while looking for targets on which to inflict serious damage to our nation and way of life, think Iowa is a really good place to start. After all, why not? They do grow corn and, um, well…We’re sure there is something else Iowa does too. Cows, maybe?

While pandering, er, campaigning in Iowa recently told reporters that he would place Iowa in the top 10 as far as federal funds for homeland security go because they are a serious target.

It seems terrorists hate corn and flat land, though no study could be sited to verify that made-up assumption.

The reason it’s a made-up assumption is not because Iowa is a place most terrorists couldn’t point out on a map if you offered them 72 virgins; it’s because Iowa is the first primary state and Richardson is trying to buy votes. He’ll dish Iowa federal money (read: our tax dollars) if he’s elected President.

You might be thinking: How can you say that? Bill Richardson is a man of honor, blah, blah, yadda yadda.

Well, Billy kind of admits it. The emphasis is added, but the quote is accurate:

“It’s not just because of the primary, if that’s what you’re hinting at.”

Bill…Billy, why would we think that? As long as you have other reasons over and above the primary, we’re totally cool with it.

Who says Democrats aren’t playing politics with the war on terror? Oh yeah, it’s just them.