In yet another un-shocking episode that personifies the Clintons, Hillary’s campaign tried to appear horrified and insulted that Barack Obama would dare to suggest that the president should be a “uniter” for the country. Seen as a shot at Clinton, possibly because of her ridiculously high unfavorable rating, Hillary’s campaign fired back that Obama’s pledge “to elevate our political discourse” had been broken.

Interesting analysis and paranoia on the Clinton side, as Obama was talking about the problems of President Bush, and failed to mention Hillary. Also interesting is the charge of pledge breaking, considering it comes mere days after Hillary called Obama (by name) “irresponsible” and “naive”, after he stated in the CNN/YouTube debate that he would be willing to meet with hostile foreign leaders. Obama stood by his answer, responding that Hillary’s plan seemed to advocate a continuation of the policies of George Bush.

None of this is all that unexpected. Really, it is just more of the same from the Clinton spin machine: Hillary calling for honest discussion of the issues while attacking her opponents; Hillary demanding apologies for honest statements from other candidates, which may somehow highlight some negatives about her. Then again, making any honest political statement that can not be interpreted as a negative about Hillary is, honestly, a very difficult thing to do.