In two stories published just a couple of days apart, Newt Gingrich first lambasted the current GOP candidates, calling them “a pathetic bunch of pygmies,” and hinted that he may himself run for the Oval Office.

And then, two days later comes a piece from Jonathan Martin on Politico reporting that some Gingrich advisers are seeking a meeting with the Thompson team. Here’s Newt on Fred:

“I’ve always said it was unlikely I would run,” Gingrich said in an interview last Friday with The Associated Press. And, he added, if Thompson “runs and does well, then I think that makes it easier for me not to run.”

There is even a report in the story that Gingrich and his wife had dinner with at Thompson’s home in Virginia.

A Thompson/Gingrich alliance is a potentially very strong one, and could be a serious threat to GOP candidates positioning themselves on the right. That being said, Fred has still not announced, and Romney, Giuliani and the rest of those already in the race are raising the cash and building their infrastructure as quickly as they can.

Gingrich people looking to work for Fred, a shy wink and smile from across the playground, play dates over dinner.

When do you think Fred asks Newt to the prom?