Some of the more notable/amusing/eye-opening things observed in last night’s CNN/YouTube debate:

Dennis Kucinich‘s vampiresque appearance, and his support for reparations for poor white people.

Mike Gravel‘s outbursts, including: there’s not going to be any change if you elect any of them: Hillary, Obama, Edwards (ok, agreed), and his call for global governance (to apparently subvert the United States?)

John Edwards‘ claim that there is no working with Republicans (so much for bipartisanship), and his very clear thoughts on his lack of support for gay marriage, which he wouldn’t do anything against, though he wouldn’t allow it personally, but it’s ok, but he’s not for it.

Hillary Clinton‘s sad attempts at cheap applause: by stating that she is a woman, and by claiming that she is on the forefront of issues/change (Anderson Cooper didn’t ask for a show of hands to ask who was not on the forefront). Then, after being told that voters are sick of hearing how all the candidates “are united” and, and after being challenged to say something different, she began, naturally, by saying that they are “all united.” Last, but not least, let’s not forget her Iraq solution, an oxymoronic “comprehensive 3-point plan”, which apparently wasn’t supposed to be a joke.

Chris Dodd‘s suggestion that corporate taxes should be levied in order to combat global warming, a solution which would seem to give money to and increase the size of government, rather than to actually do anything to combat global warming.

Bill Richardson‘s general cluelessness: including his ambiguous, do-nothing plan of “diplomacy” and UN troops in Sudan, allowing for continuing genocide, as well as his unfathomable answer when addressing Social Security: to make sure people know how to rollover their 401k’s!

Joe Biden‘s hopeless efforts in trying to get the other candidates to tell the truth: That it isn’t possible troops to get troops out of Iraq in less than one year, and while everyone is preaching diplomacy and hoping for non-existent UN forces in Sudan, the genocide continues. Biden then lost that good will by proceeding to make fun of three YouTube questioners: two from Tennessee for their hillbilly appearance, and one gun owner from Michigan, that Biden helpfully described as mentally ill.

Of course, the highlight of the evening was the final question, where each candidate was to look to the left and say something he/she likes and something he/she dislikes about the candidate. Kucinich smacked that batting practice pitch by noticing that there was no one to the left of him.

Several candidates wimped out and refused to cite a negative, but luckily, some chose to answer: Gravel’s positive comment seemed a negative when he said he liked Dodd’s family (but not necessarily Dodd); Similarly, Biden told Kucinich that he really liked his wife(?); and “Gentleman” John Edwards committed the ultimate faux pas by telling Hillary that her awful coat was, in fact, awful. Ouch.