The latest Rasmussen numbers has both races playing out like the Raconteurs’ single “Steady, As She Goes.”

On the GOP side, Fred “Unannounced” Thompson continues to hold a lead with 26% to Rudy Giuliani’s 22%. Mitt Romney, who remains strong in Iowa and New Hampshire, still lags a bit with 12%, followed by the wounded John McCain, who is hovering just above the political equivalent of the Mendoza Line, with 10%.

The Dem leading horse, Hillary Clinton has flirted with 40% all week, and sits at that number today. The rest of the Democrats are running like donkeys behind her with Obama slipping to 22% and Edwards moving up slightly with 14%.

The question of the day is if the Democratic debate tonight will have any impact on the race. Tonight’s first “official” debate will be held in South Carolina, which makes me ask what the first several “debates” were? I didn’t realize that debating had a pre-season. Why didn’t we have coverage of spring debate training? The Washington Post is even reporting that “debate fatigue” is setting in on some of the candidates.

Debate fatigue? Are you kidding me?