I promise to do the things I haven’t even started to do as a Senator.First of all, it’s rather difficult to point out the flip-flops of someone who hasn’t really done anything yet…That having been said, we give you this;

Presidential candidate and Illinois Senator Barack Obama today said the US should not stay in Iraq to prevent genocide, which is actually a civil war, which is what they claim is happening now and why we should leave. So he’s consistent on leaving the Iraqi people to die at the hands of terrorists.

The conflict comes in when he is in support of sending US troops to Darfur to stop the genocide (civil war) happening there.

So which is it, Senator? Today you seemed to say you were against your former position of intervention in Darfur, is that because of the contradiction inherent in your position? Have you come to a new realization you want to share with the rest of the class? Or are you hedging your bets that there are more of your Left-wing extremist base who care about pulling out of Iraq, no matter what the consequences, than there are who give a damn about Darfur?

Senator, which is it?