Bloomberg and his first ex-wife, LibertyNew York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been forced to admit defeat in his attempt to impose an $8 per car, per day tax for daring to drive into the city on work days ($21 per truck).

Wanting more money to roll into transportation improvements, Bloomberg proposed the tax in the hopes of cutting congestion in Manhattan.

Seems kind of odd to us that he would propose a measure to raise money that is designed to cut the activity being taxed in the first place. Much like raising taxes on cigarettes to fund health care, where the desired effect is ostensibly to cut the behavior, but real desire is to simply rake in more money governments can spend. After all, if you really wanted to cut smoking you would advocate for a $10 per pack increase on cigarettes, not a few cents.

Fear not, citizens of New York, Bloomberg will undoubtedly be back with some other scheme to take more of your money.