A recent AP-Ipsos poll shows the apparent continued dissatisfaction among GOPers with the field of candidates for the 2008 Republican nomination, due to the fact that a horse with no rider actually leads the race.

“None of the above” has the highest rating in the poll at 23%. A slumping Rudy Giuliani clings to second at 21%, followed by the horse-yet-to-be-in-the-race, Fred Thompson at 19%, then John McCain, the horse who has lost his trainer, groomer and head bottle-washer, at 15% and Mitt Romney, the horse who is poised for the fastest start, but it remains a question how he will perform beyond Iowa and New Hampshire, at 11%.

An even more interesting portion of the poll lists support among Christian evangelicals:

Giuliani, a thrice-married backer of abortion rights and gay rights, had 20 percent support — roughly even with Thompson and McCain who have one divorce each in their pasts. Romney, a Mormon who has been married for three decades, was in the single digits.