Jason appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and revealed PD’s first ever VP Pony Rankings. Unfortunately because of breaking news, the segment was condensed at the last minute. What Jason didn’t quite have time to say is that SC governor Mark Sanford has conservative credentials that the top-tier candidates would die for. If given a shot as #2, and it’s not clear he’d like the job, Sanford would become an Obama-like rock star among the GOP grassroots. They’d eat him up.

As for the democrats, former VA governor Mark Warner is an obvious #2 for much of the same reasons as Evan Bayh. (No, it’s not Jason’s fault Fox misspelled his name on air.) Warner would immediately bring Virginia into play, and everyone knows it’s been trending blue anyway. Enjoy the clip. It’s probably the only time the “DC Madam” makes the VP short list.