The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) doesn’t like Rudy Giuliani. They say it is because he was responsible for the deaths of so many of their brothers on 9/11. Instead of laying the blame for all those deaths at the feet of the terrorists who carried out the attacks, IAFF lead hack Harold Schaitberger chooses to attack (yet again) Rudy Giuliani.

The telling moment of the video the IAFF release today is right at the beginning. Schaitberger accuses Rudy of running on 9/11 exclusively, which is straight out of the Democrat’s talking points. Then he says the myth of Rudy must be attacked with the facts. Okay, what are those facts? You don’t get any in their video. What you get is people haunted by their loss to the point they may well never fully recover looking for someone to blame, a natural human instinct.

Either they targeted Rudy with their pain on their own, or were pointed in that direction by the Democratic spin machine they and/or their loved ones union dues financed at the IAFF.

Most telling is when Schaitberger, just after saying Rudy needs to be confronted with facts, starts talking about the “opinions” expressed in their video. Opinions are like blogs, everybody has one. But facts, by definition, are universal.

If Rudy were truly the devil of 9/11, why is it that the IAFF could only get a small handful of fire fighters and family members to speak in this video? If what he did was so egregious, the line should be around the block to condemn him. If his image as a leader who is cool and graceful under pressure were the easy to destroy lie the IAFF and Schaitberger claim it to be, are the majority of FDNY members who support Rudy traitors to their brothers?

The case claimed by the IAFF would seem to make that argument. After all, who could support the monster responsible for so many of their brother’s deaths?

We don’t blame the people interviewed in this video (which we won’t post because it’s garbage, but you can find it), their loss is something only they understand, and we don’t judge how their grief manifests itself.

But we do blame the IAFF. They have a tradition of endorsing Democrats, and were the first union to publicly support John Kerry. They’ve been Left-wing so long they even endorsed Michael Dukakis!

If you or someone you love is a member of the IAFF and actually support Rudy, we’d recommend contacting your leadership and letting them know, and voting in your next union election to get these bums out. They don’t give a damn what you think, as long as your checks keep rolling in. You scratch their back, and they pick your pocket.

As for Harold Schaitberger, we suggest you use some of your undoubtedly millions of dollar budget to purchase a dictionary. Look up opinion, look up fact, compare the two. Every blowhard with bad mustache and white hair has an opinion, but your video contains no one who fits that description who has any facts.