It looks as if the last wheel on the Straight Talk Express has finally fallen off and wobbled off into the night sky. The political world is buzzing over the departure of longtime operative and top strategist John Weaver and campaign manager Terry Nelson. Politico has the complete story, but this snippet demands a block quote:

A Republican operative who knows the campaign well said that a week ago, the senator still could have been the nominee and someone would have been crazy to call his campaign dead. “I’m not sure I believe that anymore,” the insider said. “This is a momentous event. The campaign could dissolve pretty quickly. A lot of people will leave the campaign. A lot of people are there because they love Senator McCain and Terry and John hired them. A lot of financial support will also dry up.”

McCain staffers have been spinning the last few weeks that McCain’s bad press was just that–bad press–and that the facts didn’t support any mojo slippage. How, pray tell, do you now spin the departure of your version of Karl Rove?

This is not a casual campaign shakeup; John Weaver has been driving the bus for a very long time. Folks, this is a 9.9 on the Political Richter Scale.

So what’s next for Weaver and Nelson? I hear the Arizona border needs a fence built…