George requires a lot of time in the make-up chair before shooting This Week.Former Clinton hack and host of ABC News’ This Week, George Snuffleupagus (or something like that) reports that Congressman Ron Paul currently has more cast on hand than Senator John McCain, $2.4 million to $2 million.

This is not an indication that support for Paul has climbed, he’s still ranked as an also-ran in the polls. But it is indicative of how support for McCain has eroded in the wake of his leadership role on the ill-fated immigration bill mess on the Senate.

Note to all future Republican Presidential hopefuls who are thinking of partnering with Teddy Kennedy on anything; If you lie down with Teddy, you’d better know how to swim, or something like that. He drowned a girl once, not that that is a joke. The fact that he didn’t get in trouble and was reelected countless times since then by Massachusetts, THAT’S the joke.


  • NewYorkStateConservative

    Speaking of Ted Kennedy, the best bumber sticker I ever saw said, “I’d rather go hunting with Dick than driving with Ted”

  • Sean Reitmeyer

    Just because he holds a certain ideology outside that of the mainstream doesn’t make him a lunatic. If always choosing the path of freedom is loony then I guess i am just a nut.

  • DhaOne

    The mainstream press continues to ignore Ron Paul and crowns their own. Just as Goldwater was the start of the conservative movement taking off. Ron Paul’s campaign (and the rise of Free Talk live and other media) means more people are exposed to the small government, pro liberty message. The movement is just taking off and shows no end in sight!

  • ThatLibertarianGuy

    Why is he a lunatic? His followers can get a little nutty, but that says nothing about Dr. Paul himself.