Rasmussen reports fresh GOP poll numbers today and they reveal a “stabilizing” GOP race.

Thompson (Fred, not Tommy, please tell us you knew that) 27%
Giuliani 24%
Romney 13%
McCain 12%

Most interesting in Rasmussen’s release is his unusually personal commentary on McCain:

McCain’s campaign is in serious trouble. The man once considered the dominant frontrunner had struggled for months. Over the past six weeks, his fervent support for the unpopular immigration reform bill may have been the final straw that doomed his campaign. His poll numbers are now closer to Huckabee and Brownback rather than Thompson and Giuliani. Media reports say the Arizona Senator is running very low on cash and has dramatically reduced his campaign staff. Last week, the Senator himself had to deny reports that he’d be out of the race by September.

McCainiacs like to say that the press is selling the “McCain is struggling” narrative and that we in the blogosphere shouldn’t buy it. Perhaps if Camp McCain wants us to stop fueling the “McCain is struggling” narrative they ought to poll better than fourth and stash more than 2 million in the bank. There are House candidates with more than that, folks.