Money, money, money, money!  MONEY!  But they’re for the poor and want cash out of politics.The latest fundraising numbers are out for the Democrats running for President, and it looks like Senator Barack Obama is the big winner on the left side of the margin.

The news out of this is not how much Obama raised (more than $32 million), but that he kicked Hillary Clinton’s butt by more than $9 million.

Is this a sign that Hillary is weakening? Probably not. She’s still leading all the Democrats in the polls. But it is a sign that the nutroot extreme left-wing progressive (regressive) surrender monkey base of the party, the ones that give the cash, aren’t happy with her.

She’s going to have to move even further Left, move from simply flirting to making out, to get more support from them. Hillary has all the name recognition anyone could ask for, but that hasn’t translated into full-blown breakaway status in the polls.

Obama has name recognition and not a lot more. Most people don’t know anything about him other than he’s running for President, and there isn’t much more to know about him yet. He wants things to be “more hope-y,” which could fly in a primary where there is a significant number of people who would be happy with anyone but the front-runner.

But if you’re looking for accomplishments and a record, you won’t really find it under Obama. He’s been Senator for about 10 minutes, so there hasn’t been a lot of time to accomplish anything.

While seemingly a weakness, at least in the general when people pay more attention, in a primary it could end up being the smart move. He’s up against an opponent who is trying to play both sides of the fence on a lot of issues so as to not have her move back to the center be riddled with charges of flip-flopping should she make it to general election.

Clinton is acutely aware of this, and will act accordingly. Watch for her to start falling even more in the polls with this news. Nothing breeds support like perceived support, popularity is contagious.

The race is going to tighten in the coming months, the coronation the Clinton Camp was expecting isn’t the tap-in putt they were hoping for. Her best shot now is to expose Obama for what he is, too new on the scene to win the general. She’s going to have run like it is the general and hope she draws in many new, non-primary voters to the primaries for the first time, or take a sharp left turn, which will make her general election chances even slimmer.

Either way she goes it’s going to be a tough summer for the junior Senator from New York, and is definitely not the way she and her team envisioned it going.

On another note, John Edwards barely beat out Bill Richardson in fundraising ($9 million to $7 million) relegating him to the status of also-ran. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea to get those $400 haircuts, charge $55,000 for a speech on poverty, expose his wife’s terminal cancer and then have her do his fighting for him, while attempting to use them as fundraising tools.