I still say there is no way Bloomy wins and that he hurts Dems if he does, but since he’s thinking of running for President (according to news reports), I thought I’d write about this stupid story.

New York is moving closer to becoming the east coast San Francisco. Mayor Bloomberg’s office is thinking about requiring anyone taking pictures, moving or still, to get a permit from the city AND carry a million dollar liability insurance policy, if they stand in one “area” for more than 30 minutes.

We couldn’t make this up. Well, we could, but we’re not.

It’s so absurd, but it’s true.

A city official said, “While the permitting scheme does not distinguish between commercial and other types of filming, we anticipate that these rules will have minimal, if any, impact on tourists and recreational photographers, including those that use tripods.”

Code word: anticipate. They could write this so it only impacts Hollywood film crews and fashion magazine shoots, but they decided not to.

Why? So they can fine the hell out of tourists if they want! Geez, this is New York, Bloomberg’s New York. That’s what they do!

Ban Smoking, ban trans-fats, ban head phones in cross-walks, ban taking pictures without paying. They want to run your life and they love your money!

We do to, we just don’t use the power of government to steal if from you.

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