Fred Thompson, who is keeping the worst kept secret about his intentions to seek the Republican nomination, apparently won’t need to remain hush-hush about his numerous past romances. Thompson, who has a reputation as quite the charmer, has had a string of exes come out to say how wonderful he is, and that they respect him and support his run at the presidency.

Country singer Lorrie Morgan “couldn’t think of a bad word to say” about Fred, claiming he is a “perfect example of chivalry”. Another ex, GOP fundraiser Georgette Mosbacher, claims Thompson’s abilities to charm both traditional and professional women will allow him to beat Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup. Even Thompson’s ex-wife, Sarah Kresnick, is intending to campaign for him.

Ex-girlfriends, wives and significant others falling over themselves to sing Fred Thompson’s praises? If nothing else, it is quite the turn around from all the hidden and politically spun stories of the Bill Clinton affairs.