Ralph Nader, the only person to ever get Michael Moore to apologize (to Al Gore for his support of Nader in 2000), is thinking of running again, according the Yeas and Nays column in the Washington Examiner.

Ralph, please run. You’ll be such a nut that attracts so many left-wing votes in polls that whomever the Dems nominate will have to run as a split personality, courting moderates and wing-nutroots that is will be like watching Me, Myself and Irene on fast forward.

Ralph hinted at a run while speaking at the “Take America Back” conference.

It always strikes me as odd the way the Democrats scream that they need to “take our country back!” I’m an American, so are all other conservatives. So what exactly are they taking it back from? Apparently we were invaded at some point by some people who took over a while back and most of us missed it.

They’ve let our differences of opinion get personal and turn them into angry, hate-filled balls of human flesh. You see this pointed out on a daily basis by the major networks…wait, never mind.