For some time, Ron Paul has been making stateside news for his online prowess, but now his internet popularity has even raised eyebrows overseas. The UK’s Telegraph states that Dr. Paul’s popularity has grown after each Republican debate. Considering the price of his online fame is practically nil relative to the costs of traditional media, it is no wonder that Paul’s staff is confident that he will remain in the race long after the other dark horse candidates.

Paul plays well with young (and internet savvy) voters, and unlike some other presidential challengers, most notably John McCain, Ron Paul was met with huge applause during his appearances on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Comedy Central‘s pseudo-news programs.

The Telegraph likens the Texas Congressman’s run to that of Pat Buchanan in 1996, when Buchanan polled poorly in the early stages, but nearly ended up topping Bob Dole for the Republican nomination. Interesting comparison, though Ron Paul’s vision of small government, especially in social matters, is in many ways diametrically opposed to that of Buchanan’s. In fact, Dr. Paul’s vote against each and every bill he deems unconstitutional has earned him the moniker of “Dr. No” among his fellow members of Congress. Perhaps with his increasingly popular message that less is more, Ron Paul could surprise the establishment and rise into the forefront. Look out, James Bond.