Although former Sen. George Allen specifically states he is not yet endorsing Fred Thompson, it doesn’t take a monkey’s uncle to read between the lines.

“I think [a Thompson candidacy] is good,” Allen said. “I would encourage him to do so.”

Though Allen said he is not yet endorsing a Thompson bid, he did say that to grassroots Republicans “who care about the party,” Thompson’s popularity indicates “there has been a bit of a void for someone with a proven conservative record.”

While Allen had words of praise for Thompson in this interview with The Hill, he didn’t throw the other candidates any bananas:

Allen said that while current front-runner and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani still is “America’s Mayor” and acted admirably following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, his positions on gun control and abortion issues “concern some folks.”

McCain’s position on the immigration debate, or as Allen calls it, “the amnesty bill,” disqualifies him for many conservative voters.

The former senator added that while ex-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “will have plenty of money,” the belief, real or perceived, that he is a Johnny-come-lately to his current positions on social issues hurts him with many GOPers. “In fact, they are not the same as positions he took a year or so ago,” Allen said.

Ouch! That last comment has got to sting. Read the rest.