An email is circulating promoting the candidacy of Mark Green as an alternative to Hillary and the Gang. The web site says:

Rare is the candidate whose integrity and track record set him or her above the political pack. Rare is the candidate who is able to survive scrutiny by cynics and media alike. Rarer yet is the non-candidate who is shuttled into the arena of presidential contenders, driven by grassroots support.

Do not acquiesce to the anointed candidates, bought and paid for, served up by political machines tainted by PAC money and insider agendas. Do not feel obligated to pick between untrustworthy and unbelievable candidates. Do not perpetuate the mere illusion of fairness and legitimacy.

For your consideration- Mark J. Green. Become familiar with him. Test his qualifications. Back him as presidential candidate.

Sounds intriguing, but what the web site doesn’t tell us is that Mark Green is the grandson if KFC’s Colonel Sanders.

Green Sanders

Kudos to Mark. We admire him for not riding on his gramp’s coattails.