Campaigning in Iowa, Republican money leader Mitt Romney, apparently seeking to attract Bull Moose party voters, emphasized that he would increase the size of the military. Referencing Teddy Roosevelt, the increased military would be the “big stick” with which a President Romney would allegedly speak softly. Considering Romney’s recently released (and far from isolationist) foreign policy plan, Romney may have missed the speaking softly part of TR’s famous message.

More surprising than aligning himself to the ideals of the universally respected Roosevelt, Romney went on to speak glowingly of the current (and significantly less popular) president, praising George Bush’s economic policies, Supreme Court appointees, renewable energy policies and even his statesmanship. “Everything he does, he does from the standpoint of what is best for the American people,” Romney said. Praising TR is one thing, but doing the same for a president with a 30% approval rating is aiming very low indeed. Then again, if Mitt could come near come close to 30% in a Republican primary poll, he’d be quite pleased.