Amid so many presidential wannabes, who pander to what pollsters tell them to say and endlessly repeat vague talking points, one would think that if a candidate actually released a complete plan, it would be a welcome relief. But not according to critics of Rudy Giuliani’s new 12-point plan. True, twelve points may be a few too many for even him to recall, but at least it’s a plan. Rather than the useless speculations and celeb-reality that the election process is lending itself towards, it is clearly preferable to have a platform to report on, the merits and flaws of which can be debated.

Certainly, more endless prattle and ambiguities are unnecessary, and there’s already been too much of Hillary’s Bush-bashing and Romney’s intolerant pandering. The empty messages have been repeated too often, and the public deserves something with meaning – a solution or a plan.

Much of the media seems of the opinion that the voting public is not smart enough to be able to digest a full dozen points, and that it is too early for such a complex message. Those arguments seem contradictory. Granted, no one has ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the masses, but maybe the extra time will allow voters to somehow grasp the concepts, and even (gasp!) form educated opinions on the issues.

Regardless of the specifics, kudos to Rudy for bucking the trend and having a platform. If the progression of the election cycle is to continue its unabated growth – as it seems it must – and extend to two years, at least let it be two years of substance.