They appear to agree on almost nothing. Mitt Romney, allegedly very conservative, at least when all his flip-flops land Republican side up, and Barack Obama, an anti-war, pro-health care Democrat. They are on opposite ends of the political spectrum on the war in Iraq, taxation, and most economic policies and social issues. Yet for all their differences, they are of one mind as each busies himself trying to convince the electorate that he is the candidate that will bring the much desired change to the oval office. But the changes to be made are very different, or so they would have us believe.

Obama and Romney each recently revealed a foreign policy agenda, and, amazingly, the plans are nearly identical! Perhaps even more disturbing is that each plan essentially mirrors the foreign policies of the current Bush administration! Sure, they try to distance themselves from Bush, but neither policy plan is noticeably less interventionist – with added troops amid talk of battling evil and leading the world. And, of course, Romney and Obama try to distance themselves from other candidates, but pointing out minor changes and including rhetoric about Jihadist threats (Romney) and phased withdrawals (Obama) can hardly conceal the regurgitated concepts of the current direction of American foreign policy. For all their alleged political differences, Romney and Obama have offered plans that are inexplicably similar to policies which are hugely unpopular. Not the way to win votes.