New York City Mayor and rumored Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has come up with a plan to help curb traffic in the city, tax the hell out of anyone who dare drive there! It won’t matter to him, he’s a billionaire of the people and takes public transportation.

Bloomberg, whose policies make Mao look conservative, cited another undeclared candidate’s movie to justify taxing anyone who dare drive into New York.

“The threats to our city, and our planet, are inconvenient truths that we can no longer avoid facing, and that we can no longer wait for Washington to confront.”

So he wants to charge you $8 a car per day for driving into his city because of global warming and too much traffic.

As was previously explained, global warming is myth, the last, best chance for extreme Leftists in this country to impose their socialist/communist agenda. They’ve failed in every attempt to pass it through the democratic process, so it’s scare everyone to death (or at least into thinking there is going to be death).

It is a lie. But it seems as though Mayor Bloomberg has bought into it. This is good news for Conservatives. If Bloomy enters the race with his personal wad of green, he will undoubtedly siphon off votes from whichever Leftie the Dems nominate.

Since the $500 million needed to run for President amount to nothing more than a bender at a strip club when you tink about how much money he has, we welcome Mike to the race. Perhaps we should charge him $100 million for the privilege to run?

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