Providing more evidence that the electoral process is too long, or simply that not a lot of people care at this point, the Democratic debate on Sunday drew far fewer viewers than ESPN’s baseball game. Viewers that chose the debate over the national pastime weren’t treated to any big surprises. Clinton, Obama and Edwards are still the top three, and not too many new and exciting issues were raised. Of course, a frontrunner doesn’t necessarily want to be all that exciting, lest he/she fall in the standings, a la Howard Dean. So while 2.8 million chose to watch the debate, nearly twice that tuned in to the excitement of the Red Sox-Yankees game, perhaps realizing that the baseball season will wrapped up in a (relatively) mere 5 months. While the Yankees won 6-5, there was no word on which team Bill Richardson was rooting for…


  • NewYorkStateConservative

    At $8 per vehical, that would be 32.96 million dollars a day if you lived in the city of New York. That’s 32.96 million dollars a day to combat global warming. With 365 days in a year our planet will be saved in no time. Take that all you anti-communist people!

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    Only 2.06 million? That’s about half our daily traffic! :)

  • Toby

    i looked it up, and it appears that the Republicans got about 2.06 million.

  • Toby

    what kind of ratings did the Republicans get? I think that would be interesting, especially as they weren’t up against a fairly significant sporting event, as far as I know

  • Sully

    TheSmiths makes a great point.

    AND, we junkies are prone to various addictions. I follow ’08 closely, but if my Yanks are playing the Boston Bums, Hillary and Barack can wait.

  • TheSmiths

    And you know, for a bunch of ’08 junkies, we sure don’t comment much. Where the heck is everyone?

  • David Kaiser

    Hey, I resemble that remark!

  • TheSmiths

    I don’t think that’s a fair comparison, since more people will watch a Yanks-Sox game even next fall when the campaign is at full-swing. There has been a lot of reporting already that this campaign has unprecedented interest so early. The debates are bringing the cable networks higher ratings than regular programming. What IS true is that we junkies assume there are more of us than there really are ;)