In the spirit of Eric’s post on “Dinner with Barack” I thought it would be interesting to highlight a John Edwards’ campaign plan to use his birthday and his mother’s (allegedly) famous pecan pie recipe as a fundraiser.

The message, signed by Elizabeth Edwards, is looking for 10,000 contributions by John’s birthday on Sunday, June 10th. They aren’t concerned about the amount, but they’ve suggested several donation amounts, playing on the birth day/month, birth year and age of Edwards.

It isn’t about how much you give but how many of us do. Give $6.10, $19.53 or $54 and help celebrate John’s birthday this Sunday.

This is an obvious attempt to bolster his number of total donors, an area in which Barack Obama’s Q1 fundraising efforts really looked strong.

Having a larger number of smaller donations gives a candidate the feel of having the support of the “common man” as opposed to larger contributions from special interest groups and the rich. While the amount of money raised by Hillary and Obama in Q1 were close (don’t count the money Hil rolled over from her Senate campaign), Obama’s numbers look more impressive because of the number of donors.

So what is the pie all about? Well with any donation, you get access to his mom’s pecan pie recipe, which is sure to be as big a secret as the Coke formula or Colonel Harland Sanders’ herbs and spices blend.

They went so far as to film a couple of Edwards campaign aides trying to make said pecan pie.

I hope they don’t run campaigns like they bake.