Adding a rare dose of comedy into his presidential campaign, Mitt Romney poked fun at Hillary Clinton while attacking her, likening her to a “European caricature” bent on a welfare state. Not satisfied with that, Romney added that “her platform wouldn’t get her elected in France,” a reference to Segolene Royal, the Socialist candidate who recently was defeated in her bid for the French presidency.

Romney went on to highlight the economic and tax policy differences between Hillary and himself, but for some reason he strayed into reiterating his support for an amendment against same sex marriage. Surely no member of the religious right would support Hillary over Romney anyway, so the only thing that stance may do is push his moderate supporters away. While it may be a contentious issue now, surely no one believes that the passage of the only amendment designed to reduce the rights of citizens could stand up in the long term. By backing such legislation, Romney risks going the way of segregationists, supporters of slavery, and opponents of womens and civil rights. And in case the former governor wasn’t sure, that’s even worse that being socialist.