It seems Supreme Court Justice, Darth Vader Ginsberg, I mean Ruth Bader Ginsberg, is unhappy with recent rulings by the court with which she disagrees. So, to protest, she has taken to reading two of her recent dissents aloud to the court.

May not seem like a big deal, but since The Washington Post agrees with her, they decided to cover it on their front page yesterday. (Free subscription required. While the story is interesting, it has little to do with this post.)

Reading for the minority in 5-4 decision on gender pay inequity suit, Lord Bader said:

“In our view, the court does not comprehend, or is indifferent to, the insidious way in which women can be victims of pay discrimination.”

She then went on to suggest that Congress correct the problem under which the majority found the case to be without merit.

Now there’s a concept! And it is the perfect illustration of the difference between liberals and conservatives on the court.

Darth, by suggesting Congress fix this issue, inadvertently admits that law needs to be changed. Of course she would prefer to, and voted to, simply ignore the law as written or “interpret” it in a way to advance what she “thinks” it should be.

The article continues on to talk about how the former Anakin Ginsberg feels “lonely” being the only woman on the bench. Now, I don’t claim to be a feminist, or even to understand women (good lord, there’s an understatement), but I don’t understand how having another woman has anything to do with ANYTHING! It’s work, you’re one of nine judges, you have a staff. If you really feel the need to have women around you, hire them. Though, if you hired someone simply because they’re a women, wouldn’t that be discrimination? Crazy talk, I know.

I have just never understood the desire to surround yourself with what essentially amounts to clones. Why can some people only feel comfortable around people just like them? Darth Bader is a Democrat. Aren’t they always pushing for diversity?

It seems to me the Left is constantly pushing for standards by which they are completely uncomfortable living up to. Since the media never call them on it, they are free to lament the fact that they are the only woman on the bench rather than just be proud to be one of only nine people on the court.

Personally, I would like to see three of every type of person do everything possible, that way we could call it a day on this race-baiting, gender pointing out crap we hear every time someone does something.

Does the skin pigment of the pilot of the Space Shuttle really need to be pointed out? Is it really an accomplishment for a minority? Isn’t is simply an accomplishment? I don’t really give a damn what color someone who flies a spaceship is, it’s just pretty damn impressive that they’re flying one.

Therein lies the problem with Democrats. They see color, gender, or whatever else can possibly segregate us, FIRST, then whatever accomplishment second.

Sitting on the Supreme Court and flying the Space Shuttle are damn near as high as you can get on the accomplishment meter. Lord Bader should happy with what she’s done, not upset that more people of a certain gender haven’t done it. We need to replace bumper stickers that say “Celebrate Diversity” with ones that say “Celebrate Accomplishment!”

I’ll tell you what, Darth. I bet President Bush would promise to nominate a woman if you help talk Justice Breyer or Souter into retiring. In the name of diversity, do we have a deal?

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  • ThatLibertarianGuy

    Haha! I like to call people schmucks. Also fools and roaches. Shut up, Stephen. I just thought the tone was a little immature.

    (PS — to whoever clears through the comments, I don’t know if you track by IP address or whatever, since this isn’t regulated, but it really is me, it’s just from another computer).

  • Stephen

    Mr. Editor,

    So now we’ve resorted to calling our loyal readers schmucks? Has it really gotten that bad. Perhaps you need another trip to Peru?

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    Reconsider the tone and name calling? That’s what makes PD stand out! Without that we’re just another boring political site, you schmuck :-)

  • NewYorkStateConservative

    I, for one, love the post.
    Although the only thing I can think of that ties it to the presidential election is the fact that the next president will most likely make at least one or two supreme court nominations- and that the decessions made by the next president’s Supreme Court appointess will effect the nation for years to come.

  • ThatLibertarianGuy

    Well…this post makes some really good points, but I don’t see what this has to do with the 2008 Presidential Race. It also seems a little rant-like, maybe you should reconsider the tone and the name-calling? Everything you’ve posted so far seems a little hysterical (as in hysterics, not humorous), even when it is correct…