Rudy Giuliani, campaigning in California, continues to walk the tight rope of appealing to enough conservatives to win primaries, while maintaining enough moderate and Democratic support to win the general election. The former NYC mayor told supporters that he is the only Republican in the race with enough liberal appeal to carry left-leaning, electoral-vote-heavy states such as California and New York in the presidential election.

Giuliani, who, unlike most Republicans, is pro-choice and pro-gun control, separated himself from the Democratic presidential frontrunners, labeling Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as tax raisers and proponents of socialism, “who don’t seem to really understand how the private economy works.”

Rudy also welcomed the prospect of Fred Thompson entering the race, saying the more the merrier, but he might have another reason to be welcoming. While a Thompson run would certainly take some votes away from Giuliani, it may ultimately benefit Rudy. A batch of Republican candidates split the conservative vote in 2000, allowing the (seemingly) moderate Bush to clinch the nomination. Thompson could similarly split the ultra-conservative vote with Romney and the other more conservative candidates, helping Rudy to win the nomination.