As part of my extensive polling on South American sentiment toward America and President Bush, I met with this darling Peruvian girl and her pets on my last day. She is supportive of President Bush’s efforts to expand trade, agrees with him on the need for more funding for a national missile defense system, but was less enthusiastic on his immigration bill. Overall I’m putting her in the “Pro Bush” camp, giving the president a solid 66% approval rating of Peruvians with a margin of error of + or – 100%.

Peru Polling Results

And in case you were wondering, (weren’t you all?) they really do eat guinea pig. In fact this was one of the most expensive meals of the trip. (For what it’s worth, just before his death he claimed to be a Bloomberg-Hagel supporter.) This little fella tasted just – like – chicken. (Only much more salty, tough, and more like pork.)



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  • Jason Wright, Editor

    Hey Michaels, was yours hairy, black, and living on a side street in Cusco? If so, he said hello just before the waiter whacked him and dropped him an oven.

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    No, no luck this time. But a good coup takes time. If another trip is necessary, so be it!

  • David Kaiser

    No luck with the coup attempt Jason?

  • Dave Michaels

    I had a pet guinea pig when I was a kid. I loved him. Now I’m going to need (even more) therapy. Thanks a lot, Jason.

  • Jon

    Dag Jason! I was just getting ready to eat lunch. Oi!